X-Treme Sports Day

Bikes, Blades & Boards

This insane demo takes place on a huge 16 foot half-pipe ramp that’s transported by a portable trailer. This incredible high-flying act showcases some of Southern California’s raddest riders and railers. No other promotion can grab the attention of the teen market like an X-Treme Sports show. Extreme Sports can tailor a show to your companies budget and needs. Listed below are a couple of packages you can choose from:

BMX Bikers
In-Line Bladers

Package A - Bikers, Bladers & Boards - This two-hour show has it all. Its an all-around
X-treme sports program featuring the three most popular events; skateboards, BMX bikes
and In-Line Skaters. These radical athletes will electrify the crowd with their
outrageous stunts and tricks. It will be a show the entire family will never forget! This
package brings a huge 16-foot half-pipe that will attract attention the minute its displayed.

Package B - Bikes & Blades - This 90 minute show showcases some of the areas best
In-Line skaters and BMX Riders. It takes place on a smaller quarter-pipe ramp that takes up
much less room than the half-pipe.


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