Rides & Inflatables

Inflatables / Moonbounces
The most cost-effective way to entertain children at an event is a Moonbounce or Jumper. They use very little power and space and kids enjoy them all day. For bigger events we have a 40’ Airslide that will attract attention to your event from drive-by traffic.

Moonbounces are great for small birthday parties and kid events, but renting a mechanical ride will take your event to the next level. A trackless Thomas the train, mini ferris wheel or Tea Cup ride will make your event a mini carnival. We will setup all the rides and have a Fiesta de Carnival attendant run the ride. You can rent just one or get a package discount for getting more attractions.

Extreme Rentals

Mechanical Bull

Rock Wall

Kool Bus

Dunk Tank

We offer over 30 traditional carnival games such as Milk Bottle Toss, Darts, Basketball hoops, squirt Gun race, Duck Ponds and many more. They all come with professional 10X10 Canopies.

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